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Streetz Ragnarok Quest

Ninja Equipment Quest

Talk to akito a few time

Archer village met kyo (@warp pay_arche 60 148)
Code Watashi Wa Shitai Dakara Ninja

Go to alberta find captain grif
@warp alberta 194 165
Talk to him he will ask u take a break for 30 sec
He will bring u to amatsu talk to him and dont back to alberta
Will ask u to look at map and find tohru @warp amatsu 265 272
Talk to tohru she will need some item

Item to get
Blade lost in darkness 50 (Asbmal Knight)
Metal fragment 50 (Apocalypse)
Streetz ro coin 10
Piece of shield 5 (Lord of Death)

After u give item to tohru she will warp you to
@warp iz_ac02 103 198
Talk to chief junei kibagami
He will wrap u to
@warp moc_fild16 179 245
Talk to him

Item to get
Street coins 200
cresent sycthe 10
Elunium 100
Grimtooth 10
Gae bolg 10 (no sloted drop from evil snake lord )

Congratulation you haved done ninja quest equipment
Credit to 13a13y


Golden Quest Set

Golden Quest First Warp

Talk to Justin at morroc
And click for looking for Lydia
Type *Yes*
Find a cat at morroc call Lulu (Kill It)

Go to orc dungeon 01 and walk out talk to Jimmy then
Go to alberta find Lydia @warp alberta_in 166 88
Help lydia to collect item

Get item

Streetz coin 200
Gold 100
Poring coin 100
Destroyed Armor 100
Armor Piece of Dullahan 100

And talk to Lydia again

Golden Quest 2

Talk to Athena Asamiya ( a few times )
Go to @warp prt_sewb4 24 180
Talk to Peter Jackson
Key in Athena Asamiya go 3 place to get code
@warp moc_pryd03 8 99 ( 44 TT 884 )
@warp pay_dun02 118 185 ( UL PF ZEV)
@Warp prt_sewb4 117 165 ( PF BB SPA)
@warp prt_fild06 102 136 click secret portal


If u die just @warp silk_lair 368 84
Kill the ifrit then u will warp to Athena she gv u a warp area code
@warp glast_01 200 349
Talk to gimli

Get item
Streetz coin 200
Poring coin 100
Topaz 200
Gold 100
Steel 100
Elunium 20
500m Zeny

Congratulation you haved done Golden Set Quest
credit to 13a13y


God Light Quest

@warp new_2-2 101 102
Start quest

Automatic warped to
NPC Edward Elric
Click several times
Choose help him

Item Need
Bulb Headband (Mall Npc Headgear 1)
10x Moonlight dagger (Mall Npc Dagger)
Poring coin 10

Congratulation you haved done God Light Quest
Can only do 1 Time
Credit to 13a13y


Fila Bag Quest

Talk to Ramoss

Item To Get
Fabric 100
Worn Out Kimono 50
Soft Silk 5
1m zeny

Find Romoss at map will have a blinking area